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Cost of a Polygraph Lie Detector Test in Australia

By Charles RAHIM, MBA, Graduate Diploma in Social Heath & Counselling, Certified Polygraph Examiner.

Polygraph Lie Detector

History of Lie Detector Tests in Australia

Since 2003, when the founders of this firm commenced offering Lie Detection tests in Australia, the Polygraph has been established as the most valid form of Lie Detector Testing in this country, most notably in cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.  The demand for a Lie Detector Test in cities like Adelaide has also increased by between 25% and 33% in the last decade. Polygraph testing the fidelity of spouses should not overshadow the benefits of lie detector testing in forensic settings. Polygraph is used successfully in many countries in criminal justice and law enforcement contexts, so its potential contributions in forensics should be explored.

Applications of Polygraph Testing in Forensic settings

According to an article by Dr. Gruben in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, health care workers believe most of what patients say, with the exception of psychiatrists, who may reserve more skepticism than others. Being dishonest can present an impediment to diagnosis and effective therapeutic solutions.  Psychiatrists may rely on multiple sources or extended observation to detect deception. Psychological and psychometric tests may be used with what amounts to serve as a lie detector test. The question as to why no consideration is given to the use of the Polygraph to detect lies in forensic setting, must be asked, according to Dr. Gruben.
The idea of using a polygraph to detect deception or to confirm the truth in relationship therapy may draw rejection, because it may be perceived as negatively impacting on the therapeutic relationship between counsellors and clients. In addition, polygraph testing is associated with a fair amount of scientific debate between the proponents and adversaries of lie detector testing.

The three Phases and possible results of a Lie Detection Test

All Lie Detector Tests consists of an interview, followed by a stage where the polygraph instrumentation is connected and a small number of reviewed questions that require  “yes” or “no” responses, are asked. The lie detector test is then concluded with a post-test interview where the test outcome is discussed after the test data have been calculated. The entire Polygraph examination can take between ninety minutes to two hours depending on various factors. The test result can be that no deception was indicated in the responses to the relevant questions, or, that there was an inconclusive outcome (in a very small number of cases). And finally, there is always the possibility of the ominous result of "deception indicated".

Accuracy and Honesty as a result of a Lie Detector Test

Due to various factors, polygraph testing procedures appear to facilitate levels of honesty during the examination. This may be because the examinee feels that he or she will not be judged or chastised by the polygraph examiner as they would from an accusing partner.  According to Dr. Gruben, studies indicate that a polygraph examination increased the possibility of disclosures by a factor of 14.

Refund Policy when booking a Polygraph Test

The polygraph examiners at this firm have Australian tertiary training in counselling, in addition to extensive polygraph qualifications from APA accredited Polygraph training facilities and can assist clients with all the advice and options in taking a lie detector test. A fifty percent secure and non refundable deposit is required to book a polygraph test, with the balance being paid on the day of testing.

Dr. Don Gruben, in Journal of  American Academy of Psychiatry & Law, 38:4:446-451 (December 2010).


All our Polygraph Examinations are conducted professionally with the latest polygraph instruments, hardware and software by experienced professionally trained polygraph examiners. Therefore we only have one pricing package with the option of a report for court purposes, at additional costs. No two polygraph cases are the same, so please contact us with a brief outline of your situation, your city and state where you require the test, and a consultant will give you feedback with advise and our best possible price for our quality service.


  1. Pre booking telephone consultation regarding polygraph truth verification options.
  2. Conducting of the polygraph test in a modern and private setting.
  3. Pre test orientation and formulization of the test format, signing of document including consent form and waivers, discussing case background, questions and other diagnostic protocols.
  4. Acquaintance test, introductions and demonstration of the polygraph instruments.
  5. Data collection on the physiological responses to the test questions three times for accuracy.
  6. Computer algorithm and manual calculations with specialized Lafayette Polygraph software designed at the John Hopkins University, in the United States, as used by Federal Government Agencies in America.
  7. Final result given verbally and shown on the Polygraph Machine within 10 minutes.
  8. Brief Post Polygraph Test discussion regarding the outcome of the test.
  9. Recommendations and options given to clients in regard to seeking counselling or life coaching. Final signing of waivers and documentations signifying end of business.

Additional items at extra cost:

Formal polygraph report for court: A professionally p polygraph report outlining not just the result but the type of validated testing format and question template used, a list of the relevant questions asked, the type of scoring system and computerised polygraph software results.
Copies of signed documents: waivers and consent forms by the client can also included at extra cost.
Multimedia: In the case of media polygraph tests or polygraph tests on special request, a video recording of the client answering the questions may be organised at additional cost. This is a time consuming process to produce and must be ordered and paid for at the time of booking.
Additional tests: At extra cost by prior arrangement.
Additional consultations after date of test: At additional cost by appointment only.

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