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Licensed Private Investigator services, since 1995

These Private Investigator Professionals are the premier boutique private investigation agency in Australia. They have over 18 years experience in Private Investigation Services and have multifaceted skills, ranging from locating debtors locally to international personal and corporate surveillance. With advanced Investigation skills from prior Australian Federal Government experience, they are extremely adept at bug detection, location of assets, pre marriage background checks and discovering the true nature of the lifestyles of any person of interest, worldwide. These investigation services empower the clients of this firm to make informed decisions, rather than remaining ignorant of deceptive activity by people they assumed to be trustworthy. This makes the services of these Private Investigator Professionals a cost effective choice for local and international clients.

Private Investigation Service

List of Private Investigator Services are multifaceted.

Debtors located locally and internationally-

Locating people who have absconded requires a private investigator to have advanced skills and experience. Computer or database searches itself are unreliable because usually, such people have skipped town. This firm has successfully located clients who have relocated to various parts of the world.


Fidelity investigations and surveillance defined.

Includes surveillance and reporting on uncommitted partners, in the act of pursuing other love interests. Surveillance, according to David Lyon, (2007), in Surveillance Studies: An Overview is related to observing the activity of individuals for reasons which range from influencing them to protecting them. The observation may be from a distance or at arms length. The actual word ‘surveillance’ originates from the French phrase ‘to watch over’ where ‘sur’ translates to "from above" and ‘veiller’ is "to watch."


Bugs detected at homes, offices and vehicles in most Australian cities.

This firm can look for listening devices in your home or office to give you a peaceful state of mind. The firm’s bug detection expertise is from 18 years of private investigation experience in Australia and technical knowledge of commonly used bugs. The latest micro portable bug detection devices are used.


Teenage activity investigated worldwide-

In today’s society where drug use and alcohol consumption amongst young people starts early, it is natural for parents to be overly anxious. Teenagers are commonly being lured over social media to meet up with people who turn out to be stalkers.  This firm has almost two decades of experience in discretely investigating the social activity of young ones whether it’s on a Friday night out or to an overseas trip at the end of term. We can also monitor your house, family or neighbours for unusual behaviour while you are away. Discrete House sitting is also provided, monitoring of your house for parties and unusual behavior by other family members and house sitting while you are away.


Internet dating profiles verified worldwide-

Sociopaths have long known to work on more than one unsuspecting person at a time. Some people are experienced at attracting a trusting person’s generosity, to end up with gifts, financial aid or even a visa to enter Australia, to gain residence before leaving the unsuspecting partner with no assets and a broken heart. According to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, once you are in contact with a scammer, they will express intimate emotions for within a short timeframe and will suggest you communicate privately away from the public scrutiny of the website. Scammers gradually establish trust, by making intimate disclosures and sending gifts. These con artists eventually establish a romance and as soon as trust and emotional dependence is established, they will ask for financial assistance regarding a variety of emergency situations.


Corporate staff surveillance:

According to the American Management Association (AMA), over 25% of employers have sacked employees for misusing company electronic mail systems and about 33% have terminated staff for misuse of the internet at work. AMA figures indicate that in excess of 40% of corporations screen their staff’s electronic mail. Approximately 30% of businesses had terminated employees for activity that was not company related. This evidence indicates that lack of monitoring staff can cost any business a loss in profits and productivity. This private investigator and risk management firm can assist any business in reducing financial loss by discretely identifying underperforming, incompetent and indifferent employees. Levels of customer service typically improve and theft levels reduce once the services of this firm are commissioned.


Pre marriage profile checks worldwide –

This firm is consulted internationally for pre-marital investigation since 1995. With Australia’s no fault divorce policy, it is relatively easy for someone to lure an individual into a marriage and then to make a claim for an unsuspecting person’s assets. The rate of divorce is high in Australia, so it may be prudent to make the effort to determine if a potential marriage partner is what they claim to be. Typically, investigators can research information about past relationships, property, family and career information.  Even if one is blinded with love, the evidence suggests that a significant number of relationships will end badly so it may be wise to pay for a pre-marriage investigation, prior to risking the time, emotions and finances that a marriage involves. This service is widely used in pre arranged marriages from dating sites.


Interviewing, resume checks and statement taking-

This firm is equipped and skilled in interviewing individuals for employment, taking statements, facilitating aptitude tests, checking resumes and applications for misleading information to assess the credibility of an individual. With experience in body language to detect lies and deceit, this firm can identify indicators of deception during an interview to inform a client as to the veracity of their statements and non verbal communication.


Body language and positive psychology seminars can be booked in house.

According to the research, untrained people can identify a lie only about 50% of the time.  Fortunately, one can improve their capability to identify deception by educating themselves in how to interpret basic body language, tone and verbal content, according to Paul Ekman, who is the world expert in body language. Seminars held by this firm will demonstrate how to identify fundamental body language indicators of deception in order to negotiate better outcomes in business or personal relationships.


Qualifications and experience

The qualifications and experience of the staff of this firm include ex Federal Government Law Enforcement expertise, a certificate IV in Investigative Services, Masters degree in Business and Marketing, Post Graduate Diploma in Social Health & Counseling, Workplace Training and Assessment, six certificates in advanced polygraph science, certified fraud examiner (polygraph), Federal Government training in law enforcement related activities, over nine years Federal Government experience and over 18 years in Private Investigator related services in Australia.

Education from Australia’s leading Universities, including Victoria university, Macquarie University and the University of Sydney.


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